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2020-06-03: News Headlines

G. Dunkel (2020-06-03). Big banks profit from COVID-19 as food, shelter, even water at risk for millions. workers.org On top of COVID-19, another epidemic — one of growing hunger, evictions and foreclosures — now looms over millions of poor people in the United States. They are disproportionately Indigenous, African Americans, Latinx and other people of color. Many live far from big population centers. From March to the end . . . |

Vijay Prashad (2020-06-03). CoronaShock and the Hybrid War against Venezuela. mronline.org CoronaShock is a term that refers to how a virus struck the world with such gripping force; it refers to how the social order in the bourgeois state crumbled, while the social order in the socialist parts of the world appeared more resilient.

Alexander Rubinstein (2020-06-02). Top Venezuelan opposition leaders blame The Grayzone and Nicolas Maduro for US uprising against police brutality. thegrayzone.com Unhinged right-wing Venezuelan opposition leaders point to Max Blumenthal's t-shirt as evidence of a devious plot by the government of…

teleSUR (2020-06-02). Colombia: Senators to Debate Cuban Role in Peace Agreement. telesurenglish.net Colombian Senators Ivan Cepeda and Antonio Sanguino will lead today a political debate to analyze Cuba's role in the country's peace processes and the aggressions of Ivan Duque's Government against the Antillean nation. | RELATED: | The Senate's Second Committee debate aims to make Colombia's Government accountable for the State's international obligations in the face of the peace talks. | They will also analyze the agreements and their implementation,…

teleSUR (2020-06-02). Cuba and FAO Sign Deal for Agricultural Resilience Project. telesurenglish.net Cuba's Agriculture Ministry (MINAG) and the Food and Agriculture Organization for United Nations (FAO) Monday signed an agreement for climate-changing confrontation in the agricultural field in the Caribbean island. | RELATED: | "This project constitutes an important contribution to Cuba's efforts t…

Stephen Sefton (2020-06-02). Nicaragua — False Witness, False Memory. COVID-19 and Nicaragua's Community Approach to Health Care. globalresearch.ca On Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The standard Western canonical sources of record, namely international institutions, non-governmental organizations and media outlets, practically universally contend that all three countries are authoritarian or even tyrannical regimes, denying their peoples' basic democratic rights. The …

Center For Biological Diversity (2020-06-02). New Study Warns of Dire Human Impacts if Wildlife Extinction Crisis Continues. globalresearch.ca A scientific study published today concludes that natural life-support systems crucial to the survival of humanity could collapse if action isn't taken to save wildlife populations. | The study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences examined 29,400 species of …

Ricardo Vaz (2020-06-02). US Sanctions Shipping Companies, Torpedoes Venezuela Oil-for-Food Deal. venezuelanalysis.com Washington is cracking down on swap deals that provide Venezuela with food, fuel and other vital imports in exchange for crude oil.

Matt Sedlar (2020-06-01). The UN's Anti-Poverty Proposal for Latin America: A "Basic Emergency Income" cepr.net The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Latin America could be potentially devastating, according to a new Special Report by the UN's Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). The report, based on the available data in mid-April, has estimated a -5.3 percent drop for the region's GDP growth in 2020 — …

Paul Dobson (2020-06-01). Venezuela Inaugurates New Fuel System, Increases Local Production. venezuelanalysis.com The new model features dual prices, dollar payments and private import permits, ending the state's 50-year monopoly on fuel supply.

Matt Sedlar (2020-05-29). An Impending Crisis: COVID-19 in Haiti, Ongoing Instability, and the Dangers of Continued U.S. Deportations. cepr.net Prepared remarks by Jake Johnston to Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson's forum on COVID-19 and ICE's deportation of detainees to Haiti First, I want to thank Congresswoman Wilson for convening this forum and for her leadership on this issue. The introduction of legislation mandating a halt to these deportations is a concrete and necessary step. I'd …

news.un (2020-05-28). Latin America and Caribbean: Millions more could miss meals due to COVID-19 pandemic. news.un.org Some 14 million people in Latin America and the Caribbean could experience severe food insecurity this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to projections released on Thursday by the World Food Programme (WFP).

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-28). Venezuela Cuts Back Oil Production, Mulls Gasoline Price Hike. venezuelanalysis.com Four Iranian tankers carrying fuel and additives have arrived in recent days.

Gloria La Riva (2020-05-26). Desafiando las sanciones de EEUU, primer buque iraní llega a Venezuela. liberationnews.org La presencia militar de los Estados Unidos en aguas del Caribe no disuadió a Irán mientras el "Fortuna", el primero de sus cinco gigantes buques petroleros llenos de gasolina y suministros de refinería llegó a las aguas de Venezuela el sábado 23 de mayo.

Gloria La Riva (2020-05-26). Defying U.S. sanctions, first Iranian tanker reaches Venezuela. liberationnews.org The enhanced U.S. military presence in Caribbean waters did not deter Iran as the first of its five giant tankers full of gasoline and refinery supplies reached Venezuela's waters late Saturday, May 23.

Paul Dobson (2020-05-25). Venezuelan Government Seizes AT&T Assets, Looks to Re-establish DirecTV Cable Service. venezuelanalysis.com The Texas-based multinational abandoned the country last week citing legal pressure caused by US sanctions.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-24). Iranian Fuel Tanker Reaches Venezuela, Defying US Threats. venezuelanalysis.com The five Iranian tankers are estimated to carry enough gasoline to supply Venezuela for 50 days.

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-21). Trump Claims to Have Venezuela 'Surrounded' as Iranian Tankers Approach. venezuelanalysis.com Venezuela's armed forces will escort the vessels upon reaching territorial waters.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-21). US Blocks UNSC Draft Resolution Denouncing Paramilitary Incursion into Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com Russia, China and other countries criticized violations of Venezuelan sovereignty.

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-20). AT&T Shuts down DirecTV in Venezuela over Sanctions. venezuelanalysis.com The National Assembly will investigate the "rash decision" that affects 600 workers and two million households.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-20). Venezuela Sues UK over Frozen Gold Reserves, Loses CITGO Appeal. venezuelanalysis.com The US $1 billion worth of gold would be used in the fight against COVID-19.

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-18). Iran Sends Fuel Tankers to Venezuela, Vows 'Decisive Response' to US Threats. venezuelanalysis.com Crippling US sanctions have caused severe fuel shortages in the Caribbean nation.

Paul Dobson (2020-05-18). Venezuela Sees COVID-19 Surge as Returning Migrants Surpass 40,000. venezuelanalysis.com Authorities say that 75 percent of recent cases have been "imported."

Staff (2020-05-26). Headlines for May 26, 2020. democracynow.org U.S. Nears 100,000 Deaths from COVID-19 as Trump Shuns Face Masks, Goes After Democrats on Twitter, Trump Threatens to Pull RNC Out of North Carolina If Dem Governor Refuses to Allow Packed Crowds, Second Immigrant in ICE Jail Dies from COVID-19, U.S. to Deport Haitian Death Squad Leader and COVID-Positive Haitians Amid Pandemic, U.S. Restricts Travel from Brazil as It Becomes Second Most Infected Country, South American Nations Experience Mounting Cases as New Epicenter of the Pandemic, Boris Johnson Faces Pressure over Reopening Country and Lockdown-Flouting Adviser, WHO Suspends Tests of Hydroxychloroquine as…

RT (2020-06-02). 300 asymptomatic Covid-19 cases found in Wuhan, after it screens entire population. rt.com The Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated, has tested almost 10 million people for Covid-19. No active cases of the disease were recorded, but 300 people were identified as asymptomatic infection carriers. | Since the launch of centralized nucleic acid testing on May 14, over 90 percent of Wuhan's population has been tested. According to the city authorities, 300 symptomless carriers were discovered and ordered to self-quarantine. | Read more | | While asympt…

RT (2020-06-02). Covid-19 death rates in England HIGHER among ethnic minorities — Public Health England report. rt.com Covid-19 mortality rates among BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) people in England are higher than for the white population, with black people most likely to contract the deadly disease, according to an official report. | A review of "Disparities in the risk and outcomes of Covid-19" was finally The government-led inquiry found that black people wer…

RT (2020-06-02). As Halal industry grows in India, many are concerned about its 'discriminatory' effect. rt.com Halal goods are gaining an increased market share in India, which has one of the world's largest Muslim populations. However, over the last year or so, many in India have started speaking out against the 'Halal industry.' | The latter refers to the set of business processes revolving around Halal certifications. Halal certificates are issued by various Muslim organizations across the world where products are marked 'Halal' and are fit and permissible to be used or consumed by a Muslim. | The certificates are provided to not only food products but also to many lifestyle products too, such as beauty products and…

en.mehrnews (2020-06-02). Fuel export to Venezuela 'within framework of intl. regulations': Brig. Gen. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 02 (MNA) — Deputy Chief of Sarallah Headquarters Brigadier General Esmail Kosari on Tue. said that Iran's export of gasoline to the Bolivarian country of Venezuela has been made within the framework of international rules and regulations.

sputniknews (2020-06-02). George Floyd Protests Highlight Social Injustice, 'Endemic' Racial Bias in US, UN Official Says. sputniknews.com For a week now US cities have been rocked by large-scale protests against police brutality, negligence towards the black population, and those of colour following unarmed African American resident of Minneapolis, George Floyd, being killed by the police.

Eds. (2020-06-02). Is the Republican Party Fascist? mronline.org Donald Trump is the culmination of how the Republican Party has been developing for years. Together they threaten to establish an authoritarian state in the service of big capital. They endanger the lives, health, and living standards of the working class and the rest of the population. But supporting the Democratic Party is not the …

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-17). Venezuela: Guaido's Leadership in Question Following Failed Coup Attempt. venezuelanalysis.com A letter from Silvercorp's lawyers demanding payment has cast doubt on Guaido's denials of involvement in a recent paramilitary operation.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-13). [UPDATED] Venezuelan Oil Sector Continues Slump Amid Pandemic, US Sanctions. venezuelanalysis.com The Maduro government is working to repair refineries with Chinese and Iranian assistance to tackle fuel shortages.

Paul Dobson (2020-05-11). Western Venezuela Rocked by Rolling Blackouts. venezuelanalysis.com Low water levels at hydroelectric dams, "terrorist sabotage" and damaged infrastructure have been blamed for the power cuts.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-10). [UPDATED] Venezuela Makes Fresh Arrests as Opposition Splinters over Failed Coup. venezuelanalysis.com Trump said the operation "was not a good attack," again denying any US involvement.

Ricardo Vaz and Lucas Koerner (2020-05-07). US Investigating Ex-Green Beret, Denies 'Direct' Involvement in Failed Venezuela Coup. venezuelanalysis.com New documents confirm that the Venezuelan opposition signed a contract with Florida-based Silvercorp to kidnap President Nicolas Maduro.

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-05). Venezuela: Two US Citizens Captured in Botched Coup Attempt. venezuelanalysis.com Two former green berets were arrested in a second failed assault on Venezuelan shores on Monday.

Paul Dobson (2020-05-04). Venezuela: 45 Killed in Guanare Prison Riot. venezuelanalysis.com The government pledged to investigate the May 1 riot, which it described as an attempted breakout.

Ricardo Vaz (2020-05-03). Venezuelan Armed Forces: Paramilitary Incursion Neutralized. venezuelanalysis.com Former US green beret Jordan Goudreau, reported to have led preparations for a coup, confirmed the operation.

Lucas Koerner (2020-05-02). Former US Special Ops Soldier Led Plot to Invade Venezuela: Sources. venezuelanalysis.com AP reports that the Venezuelan opposition and Colombian authorities were aware of the plan.

Ricardo Vaz and Lucas Koerner (2020-04-30). US to Mobilize Military Reservists in 'Anti-Drug' Operation Against Venezuela. venezuelanalysis.com The Trump administration is also targeting oil-for-food deals involving the Venezuelan government and Mexican companies.

Venezuelanalysis (2020-04-27). Venezuela Rolls out Cabinet Change, Economic Measures to Combat Inflation. venezuelanalysis.com Measures include a 60 percent wage increase and a push to bring food prices under control.

Lucas Koerner (2020-04-23). Venezuela: Guaido to Use Funds Frozen in US to Pay Loyalists $5000 Monthly Salaries. venezuelanalysis.com Pro-Guaido lawmakers and diplomats will take nearly a third of an $80 million "Liberation Fund."

Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz (2020-04-22). Trump Administration Orders Chevron to Shutter Venezuela Operations. venezuelanalysis.com The latest measures followed reports of fresh dialogue between the government and the opposition.

Paul Dobson (2020-04-20). US 'Plunders' $342m of Venezuelan Funds as COVID-19 Hotspot Breaks Out at Baseball Academy. venezuelanalysis.com The money has been transferred from a Venezuelan Central Bank account at Citibank to an account at the US Federal Reserve.

Venezuela Analysis (2020-02-06). Embassy Protection Collective: "We Are Not the Ones Who Violated the Law" theantimedia.com In this exclusive interview, VA talks to the activists who defended the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC ahead of their trial.